Q: How much do flowers for a wedding usually cost?

No two weddings should be the same which is why we approach each event separately and don’t have any pre-set packages. We take into account the season and bloom availability, the size of the wedding, as well as the labor involved to transform and beautify your venue and we come up with a custom quote for each client. We also try our best to work within any budget, but a good measure for how much to spend is knowing that an average floral budget makes up approximately 10% (or more depending on how much you love flowers!) of the overall wedding budget.

Q: How do I book Mitsuko Floral for my wedding?

The first step towards booking is to contact us with some basics of your wedding, including your venue, wedding date, size of your wedding and wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, etc.) If you want to include any inspiration photos, that’s always helpful too! We’ll then send you a preliminary estimate or quote. If the numbers roughly match your budget, all we need is a signature and a minimal deposit to save-the-date. Still not convinced? We’re happy to schedule a consultation meeting and we can fine-tune the details of your order, including the exact design and types of flowers to be used. Once specifics are established, we will create a custom estimate for your wedding day. From there, or at any point, all we need is a signature and a deposit! The remaining balance is then split up into two payments.

Q: I have so many things pinned to my Pinterest board and don’t know what florals I want for my wedding; I keep changing my mind!

That’s ok! We’re here to guide you on what floral items are typically ordered for weddings and help direct you on the style and design that best fits your wedding, dress, etc. Even after you sign with us, we’re completely flexible and open to fine-tuning and making changes to your order up to 2 weeks before your wedding!

Q: There are so many florists in LA! Why Mitsuko Floral?

We appreciate you have many floral vendors to consider in LA. With Mitsuko Floral, you can be assured of the following:

  • Our priority is YOU, not our profit margin. We understand that florals bring that something extra to every venue/space and we put in tremendous effort to make sure there is a smile at the end of every occasion. We strive to make each couple happy at any cost and that will always be the heart and core philosophy of our business. For example, we don’t price per stem like many florists do. This gives Mitsuko and her designers the creative freedom to add or improvise bouquets and arrangements without the restriction of a set number of stems, making many of our florals bigger and more lush than expected. We truly believe that moving and leaving lasting impressions with clients is what drives a successful business, not inflating prices or increasing profit margins.
  • Experience: All of our work is professionally executed and of the highest caliber stemming from DECADES of study, training and experience in the wedding and floral industry. Mitsuko takes great pride in having been professionally trained from the top design school in Manhattan. Check out her extensive background specifically here
  • Commitment: Mitsuko by nature is a perfectionist. She never finishes an arrangement or bouquet unless it meets her personal satisfaction and never lets a floral piece go out without her precise quality check. You can be assured EACH floral piece is created, reviewed and/or designed by Mitsuko directly. Additionally, our standard business policy has remained to take on only one wedding per day* (something Mitsuko is very deliberate about) to ensure each wedding gets the quality and attention it deserves!
  • Fresh Flowers: We are very selective about our product! Flowers are our canvas and we work with a network of renowned growers and wholesalers to ensure our supply is always fresh and of high quality.

Q: I am having a civil ceremony; can I just order a bridal bouquet through you?

Yes, of course! We’re happy to just take care of your personal flowers. Please email sales@mitsukofloral.com.

Q: Do you do events other than weddings?

Yes, of course! We love to do florals for any event such as birthday parties, corporate events, bridal/baby showers, anniversary parties, rehearsal dinners, and funerals. If you are a business owner and want flowers to brighten your business or storefront, we can also provide fresh arrangements on a weekly or bi-weekly basis! Please email sales@mitsukofloral.com.

Q: Can I order a single arrangement for local delivery?

Yes, please contact us directly at sales@mitsukofloral.com to place a special order.

Q: Do you travel?

Yes, we do! We primarily service weddings and events in the Los Angeles and Orange Counties but are open to destinations. Contact us directly to discuss your occasion and location.

Q: How do you keep costs so reasonable?

Choosing to focus primarily on weddings and large events, we don’t keep a retail storefront to keep our operational costs at bay. We are also family-owned allowing us to provide the highest quality of florals at reasonable prices – often at a fraction of the cost of competitors!

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